To the digital product creator who's overwhelmed with all the data from launches ...


Ready to confidently track your next launch with pinpoint accuracy as to what's working, and what isn't? 

Introducing ...

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The practical solution for digital product creators ready to take control of their launch metrics, banish the overwhelm and confusion, and supercharge their launch strategy.

With a systematic layout of individual worksheets. A built-in series of functions and integrations. Completely editable. And a supportive guide the entire way.

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Let's get real for a minute - 

You didn't spend weeks planning your digital product launch just so you can spend all day up to your eyeballs in a pile of data and metrics ... did you?

You're a go-getting, savvy business owner who wants to help more people by getting your digital products launched and out to your ideal audience.

Yet somehow?

Your valuable launch energy is being used to jump from site to site collecting metrics, with no sense of how they impact each other

As you plan, or debrief, your launch, you never really feel that you've made your decisions based on data that you truly understand

Tracking your metrics IS the key to running SUCCESSFUL future launches, getting the best return on your time and cash investments, and focussing your energy where it is needed throughout the entire launch period.

In fact, understanding your launch metrics will inform your decision-making and strategy for future launches, creating a refined experience for both you AND your audience.

I want to track my launch

It is the EASIEST way for you to make decisions confidently at any point in your launch - even during open cart!

The reason your launch efforts haven't been improving so far isn't because there's a problem with your product, that you're audience aren't buying, or that you aren't any good at launching.

It's because ...

The tools you use to launch will change and evolve

From email marketing sequences to paid advertising, there are now so many ways you can reach your ideal audience with your launch. And what's working, or even available now, might not be the same next time.

(Which means you need to be able to track what IS and ISN'T working).

Data you can actually understand is your secret weapon

Every system you use to plan, execute, and store your launch elements is collecting data specific to its own settings and content. But if you aren't able to interpret those numbers into how it's impacting your sales, reach or engagement ... well, what's the point? (#harshbuttrue)

When you have a practical, sensible system for pulling all of that different data into one space -

You can confidently identify how changes in one area are impacting another, or which pieces are completely independent, so that you can make decisions about where to tweak, where to stop, and where to put your foot on the gas ... at any point during launch!

The truth?

Being one step ahead of the pack, and making tweaks and edits to your launch elements in real time shouldn't be a case of 'close your eyes and point'. OR make you second guess everything you think of.

(fo' real)


Making decisions with confidence throughout your launch because you know what is happening across every element, on a daily basis.

Never wondering where the money has gone on your paid advertising throughout launch, because you have it tracked down to the last cent!

Being visible during launch, with energy, because you aren't wasting hours each day with ALL the tabs open to see the real time data from all of your tracking systems.

Heading into your next launch planning period with rock-solid information to help you make financial, team, and energy decisions from a place of clarity (no more flying by the seat of your pants!).

Well, imagine no more!

I'm about to show you the way to connected and practical metrics tracking so you can STOP going round in circles with your data and finally get the clarity you deserve ... in a single, central workbook.

Pencil (brass back)

Introducing ...

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A comprehensive Microsoft Excel workbook that brings order to your launch metrics, puts you back in the driver's seat of your launch, and helps you make decisions with confidence and clarity.

No more overwhelm.

No more frustration.

No more uncertainty when it comes to decisions.

Just the data, clear and organised and connected, laid out in a way that makes sense to YOU and how YOUR LAUNCH operates.


"But Marianne, I don't need another system creating and tracking launch data!"

Good. Because this is NOT your typical set-and-forget system that you won't access, understand, or be bothered with once the adrenaline rush of buying it subsides.

This is THE workbook to bring all of the data you are already collecting into a single place ... in a way that you can read, understand and make decisions from!

It's all about giving you a clear, practical way to see your launch data in real time. So you can tweak and refine your ads, emails, and systems during launch, and see the direct impacts and connections.

And the best bit? It's yours for less than $100 AUD!

The Launch Tracking Workbook is designed to put MORE control back in your hands during launch.

No more spending hours trying to compare data from competing systems, or jumping from system to system in order to find the specific numbers you want or need in order to make a decision.

I'm giving you the exact layouts you need, with the formulas to give you the answers you want, all so you can plug in your data, see the results, and make decisions about the course of your launch based on HARD facts.

Which means you'll be able to pivot and adapt your launch tactics with ninja-like speed ... driving results, AND giving your launch the absolute best chance of success (no matter what state the market is in!).

The secret sauce of the Launch Tracking Workbook


Like to do things your way?

This multi-page Excel workbook has all the pieces already set up ... but you can add, remove, and edit any of the content.

Whether you need more, or less, data, or have a certain way of tracking metrics, you can update the formulas, text, and tables to suit YOUR exact needs!


Worried you might break it all? I've got you.

Your purchase includes a walk through video tutorial, showing you how to use the entire workbook , and examples of how any edits you might make will look.

This incredible tutorial is over 1 hour of direct support from me, and you get UNLIMITED access to it!


By becoming a Thrive Student, you get a direct invitation to my monthly group coaching call, where you can pick my brain on how to get the most out of your workbook.

Whether it's how to build on what you have started, or what you can do next, this is your chance to ask ME directly.

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