Are you a professional kick-ass superstar who ...

... is overwhelmed at the thought of figuring out how to use Microsoft 365 (or ANY new system to be honest!) to manage your workflows, systems, and automations?

... feels like you are flat out doing all the things, but never really in control of what's going on?

... finds tech 'complicated' and full of jargon that makes you feel stupid, so you just don't bother trying anymore?

M365 Marianne (trans)

You know what you want to do, but you don't know how to do it  - sound familiar?

Then this Club is PERFECT for you!

In the Microsoft Mastery Club, let me be your Microsoft expert and guide, and I will teach you, in a practical 'no-jargon' way, the exact steps you need to master the ins and outs of the powerful programs tucked away inside your humble little ....

Microsoft 365 business subscription.

Let's work together to banish the overwhelm, frustration, and fear from your mindset when it comes to Microsoft 365.

Are you ready to create content, master features, and develop skills that will have you screaming 'MORE' as you build truly customised systems and tools to improve your workflow at every stage?

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    “Thank you so much, I found the session extremely useful and I really appreciate the notes and the recording. The way you explain things makes it so easy to understand.”

    Virtually Driven

How do I know all this?

Because I've had to figure it out for myself.

And knowledge is power, that I want to share with you.

Mastering Microsoft 365 has given me the clarity, and confidence, to truly create the systems and processes of my dreams - without the stress of learning an entirely new system (at an additional cost!).

It's gotten me through the madness when I was struggling to juggle all those balls in the air, every day, day after day.

It's helped me create the space in my business to be able to focus on what matters in AND out of my business, because I want to do the things that light me up - not get bogged down in emails and lists.

I totally recommend it.

Not sure what it takes to truly master Microsoft?

There's a really simple first step ...


MMC - whats included

Microsoft Masterclass

Join me live for a 1 hour Masterclass every month, where we will deep dive a topic, feature, program or benefit sitting inside your Microsoft 365 subscription. 

No tech-talk, no stress - work alongside me, or simply watch and soak up the steps and tips and tricks I share to get the most out of the topic.

People on a video call
M365 Marianne (trans)

Live Q&A Session

Submit a question relating to the monthly Masterclass topic, and I'll answer it in a live Q&A session via Teams. I'll also share some bonus tips and insights to help you truly master the skill or feature we've covered!

Bonus Resources

Your monthly newsletter will not only share the links to the session recordings for the month, but also include a bonus tutorial or resource to help you continue building your knowledge in your own time - without anyone watching!


Content Library

Can't join a session live? No problem! All sessions are recorded, and you have unlimited access to every session inside your member portal.

Come back as many times as you like, and refresh your learning, or work alongside me to create the systems and processes you need.

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    “As someone who's work heavily relies on using and integrating programs so they work seamlessly for my business and my clients, I don't know where I'd be without Marianne and Thrive Admin Services! If I need to discern which program is best to use in a given situation, Marianne is able to work through it with me. She truly is a Microsoft Magician!”

    VE Assist

You are going to LOVE learning all about Microsoft 365 with me ...

Have you been staring at those Microsoft 365 icons on your computer, and not knowing how to get started? I totally get it. So many of my clients and students (and sometimes ... even me!) do just that!

Let's work our way through the incredible range of programs and tools available to you inside - I will teach you from the ground up, and you can come along every step of the way with me (I promise not to overwhelm or overload you!).

M365 Marianne (trans)

How is this going to help me, Marianne?

Not only does the Microsoft Mastery Club save you time on learning how to use the tools you already have access to, it also allows you to focus on the programs, features and benefits that will actually suit your natural working style, or align with the way you want to support your team, executive or clients, instead of stressing about how you are going to stay on top of everything.

Learning from a Microsoft Magician (that's me!) helps to reduce the overwhelm, stress and anxiety you might have when it comes to finding the tools and resources to actually save you time and money (because you don't have to outsource this work to someone else to create it for you - imagine paying $47 a month to learn how to create a system that makes sense to you and you alone and not having to pay someone else $100s if not $1,000s to do it for you ... only to have to review it, edit it, and still learn how to use it afterwards anyways!?). 

PLUS, if you are looking to upskill so that you can better service a client, your executive, or add these skills and services to your CV or Professional Profile, this gives you everything you need in a nice neat bundle, right?

Instant Access

With instant access to the Club portal, you can go back and refresh at any time.

As long as you are a member of the Club you have unlimited access to all of the session recordings, and can join any of the live sessions that suit your schedule!


Working alongside someone else when you are learning a new skill or tool is the easiest way to learn.

In fact, you might even think we are in the same room! Plus, every month the bank of tutorials will grow, so you have plenty of opportunities to get more Maz in your life!

Templates & Tools

No need to start from scratch! I've done the hard work and am sharing the love, so you can jump right in!

Each Masterclass includes templates and resources to ensure you get the most value, and best outcomes, from every session! Plus there are bonus resources added regularly!

"Behind every successful woman is herself.

Beside every successful woman is a team of other women who lift her up."





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Monthly Masterclass

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Monthly Masterclass

Monthly Q&A Call

Exclusive member-only group


Hey there, I'm Maz ...

I'm your fast-talking, cheese-loving 'Microsoft Magician' and Online Business Manager (OBM), and the face, hands and feet of Thrive Admin Services. Based in Hervey Bay, QLD, with my very patient husband and our two dogs (Eli and Skye), I'm a natural problem-solver, with a knack for seeing both the big picture and the small steps needed to make it a reality.

I bring over 20 years' corporate admin experience, so I know what's it like to be the keeper of all the things, and juggler of all the balls. Nowadays, I specialise in working with administration professionals and professional services business owners (you know, people like you!) and share the tips, tricks and features lurking inside your existing Microsoft 365 subscription that will help you to create the systems and processes of your dreams!

  • Thrive Admin Services

    “WOW! Marianne has such an extensive range of Microsoft 365 knowledge and makes her learning sessions easy for everyone at any level to understand her teachings.”

    VA Institute

Frequently Asked Questions

Please read through the whole sales page carefully (including the FAQs below) before choosing to purchase. If you have ANY questions, please send a message to me directly via the Contact Page.

You get immediate access to the Microsoft Mastery Club once your initial monthly payment has gone through. You will receive an email from my system (Simplero) with your login details.

  • If you are an administration superstar supporting an executive, a team, or business department, and want to be able to create customised systems and workflows to manage your role in a way that aligns with your needs, without taking on new software, or needing approval for additional products
  • If you are a Virtual Admin looking to refine your skills within Microsoft 365 so that you can offer a better service to your clients, or improve your own business workflow management
  • If you are a Virtual Admin looking to add a service to your business by specialising in Microsoft 365, or one of the programs within the suite
  • If you are an administration professional looking to upskill to increase your employment opportunities and progress your career
  • Anyone seeking to build their confidence, and develop skills in using the programs, features and tools inside Microsoft 365 to work smarter, and manage their workload in a more aligned way
  • Anyone who already has a high level of expertise in using Microsoft 365
  • Anyone looking for a more 1:1 training experience (you might want to look at my other membership 'Thriving with 365' or some of my other 1:1 services to achieve this).
  • If you aren't interested in using Microsoft 365, then this isn't the place for you!

As this is an instant-access digital membership, I do not offer refunds.

You may, however, cancel your subscription at any time.

Are you ready to Master Microsoft 365 with me?

Imagine having the knowledge, or at the very least instant access to the knowledge, to be able to create content, systems and processes that fit the way you think - no more shoe-horning yourself into systems that don't make sense! 

Take control of your workload, turn the chaos into clarity, and do it with confidence!

You don't need to change how you work to have the systems and processes of your dreams - join Microsoft Mastery Club now, and start building your knowledge and gaining the technical skills you can be proud of.

All for less than $50 a month!

You deserve this!

Join Microsoft Mastery Club TODAY

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