Meet Marianne Tansley

- MEET - 
Marianne Tansley

Hey there! I'm Marianne, or Maz. I'm the 'make it happen' Magician here at Thrive. Oh, and I'm also a cheese-loving problem solver!

I'm here to make life easier for you. Well, at least as far as your systems and processes are concerned.

As a business owner, keeper of all the things (on paper, online, and in my head!), wife, mum, daughter and friend, I know what it's like to juggle all of the things, and try to keep on top of that never-ending to-do list that dictates your life.

While I do love a cheese platter, I love cutting through the complicated chaos to find simplicity and function even more.

And I'm here, and ready to help you do just that.

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Why do you need me?

You've built a business to work for you, but it doesn't feel like that most days.

It's time to take a step forward, so you can confidently reach more clients, attract more sales, and focus on what you do best. But you aren't sure how to to get started, and there are so many 'must-have' options to choose from, right?

Which is why you need me.

I'm here to help you find the features and tools you need, and will use, to create the systems and processes that will allow your business to keep growing and evolving with you, instead of fighting you every step of the way!

Let's create some magic together, and get you set up with seamless systems that are easy to manage.

With a little know-how, you can have the business you have always envisioned!

How I can help you

When you're running your own business, and balancing family, friends, health, life and the dog, time is always tight. You need to STOP working in your business, and start working on it!

Let's work together, and get rid of the 'busyness' that is filling up your day, so you can focus on your clients, and grow the business you dream of.

I'm here to do the things you don't have time for.

    Graphic - Green Tick (white circle)  Setting up your email marketing systems
    Graphic - Green Tick (white circle)  Creating online products
    Graphic - Green Tick (white circle)  Building email automations and nurture series
    Graphic - Green Tick (white circle)  Designing templates to reinforce your brand
    Graphic - Green Tick (white circle)  Managing your database and contacts
    Graphic - Green Tick (white circle)  Creating online products
    Graphic - Green Tick (white circle)  Building email automations and nurture series
    Graphic - Green Tick (white circle)  Designing templates to reinforce your brand

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Thrive's Core Values


Doing the right thing, for you and your business, is my priority.


I want you to see exactly what I'm doing, and how I'm doing it.


Sharing knowledge, supporting others, and working together.


  • Thrive Admin Services

    “Marianne is professional, knowledgeable and an absolute dream to work with. This one document template is now going to be used over and over again and I'm going to look a whole lot more professional!”

    Gemma Wilson Cherry Blossom Social Media

    Cherry Blossom Social Media

  • Thrive Admin Services

    “Marianne is by far the most experienced administrator I have ever had the pleasure of working with. She makes it all seem so easy - it really is like she can see what I have pictured in my mind!”

    Rochelle Courtenay

    Share the Dignity

  • Thrive Admin Services

    “Our ongoing dealings with Marianne and Thrive have been superb. The quality of work, timeliness, proactivity and breadth of skillset has been of enormous support to our young and growing business.”

    O'NEILL Peter

    De Motu Cordis

  • Thrive Admin Services

    “Finding someone like Marianne who is at a 'expert' level of experience not only with actual MS Word document formatting technical skills but also exemplary customer service has been amazing for me, likened to striking gold! I would highly recommend Marianne's services to anyone.”


    Admin & Co

  • Thrive Admin Services

    “Thank you so much, I found the session extremely useful and I really appreciate the notes and the recording. The way you explain things makes it so easy to understand.”

    Juliette_Virtually Driven

    Virtually Driven

  • Thrive Admin Services

    “If I am experience a problem I don't know how to solve with any Microsoft program, Marianne is able to successfully troubleshoot it with me. She truly is a Microsoft Magician!”

    WOOLARD Kim (VE Assist)

    VE Assist

5 quick facts about Marianne

  • My favourite colour is Sapphire Blue
  • My dad raced drag cars (rails) when he was younger, and I think he's the reason I drive like I do!
  • I love UK comedy panel shows. My favourites are Taskmaster, The Big Fat Quiz, QI, and 8 out of 10 Cats.
  • It's my dream to have a library space in my home, with a huge puzzle table in the centre!
  • I studied French all through high school, and for a year at university, as my dream job was to be a translator for the UN

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