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How to share links in OneDrive

How to share links in OneDrive

Nowadays, it's so important to be able to easily share files and folders electronically. But how to do it safely and securely?

At Thrive, I use OneDrive - which is part of my Microsoft 365 business subscription. OneDrive works in much the same way that Dropbox and Google Drive do - it's a great way to easily store and share content without having to compress files or folders, or send multiple emails with attachments. But I do know that sometimes it can prove to b…

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IMAGE - Bus Income Track Tool

Thriving Business - Income Tracking Tool

Come behind the scenes at Thrive HQ and see how I track my income, using this handy tracking tool! By sharing how and why I do some of these things in my own business, I'm hoping to help you in yours!

Income. It's a touchy subject, right?

No one seems to like to talk about how much they make, and how they juggle all their commitments and responsibilities in this freelancing/VA world.

Don't panic - I'm not going to be talking about money today! 

Today I want to show you how this income tracki…

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Why your business documents matter!

This post is a shout out to virtual assistants - yep, you know who you are! If you are a VA, and you don't have your business documents lined up, this one is just for you!

Look, I get it. Starting an online service business comes with a truckload of things to think about. There's your business name, domain, social media accounts, deciding on services, putting your name out there. Then there's finding clients, winning work, getting insurance, getting your legals lined up....the list goes on (and…

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