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Thriving Documents: Safety First! How to protect your Microsoft Word documents

Thriving Documents posts are to help you work smarter in Microsoft Word. These posts will help you take your documents to the next level professionally, and stand out from the crowd. 

Are you using protection?

I know, it's a very strange question to ask in a blog post about documents...but then again, is it?

What may seem like a very personal question is actually a genuine and simple one.

Let's try again - are you protecting your documents from 'accidental' edits by the recipient?

Ahhh, yes…

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Why your business documents matter!

This post is a shout out to virtual assistants - yep, you know who you are! If you are a VA, and you don't have your business documents lined up, this one is just for you!

Look, I get it. Starting an online service business comes with a truckload of things to think about. There's your business name, domain, social media accounts, deciding on services, putting your name out there. Then there's finding clients, winning work, getting insurance, getting your legals lined up....the list goes on (and…

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3 Easy Ways to Brand Your Documents

There are so many things you can do to reinforce your brand in your business. But the reality is that many strategies take money and time to implement. This post has three simple steps to help you brand your documents right now, so you can start to grow your brand awareness with your clients. And it won't cost you a cent, or even that much time!


1. Use your logo on every page

This is a really simple idea, but there are a couple of things to note.

Firstly, you should have at least 2 variati…

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