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Presentations with Pizzazz: Live Polling with Microsoft Forms

BLOG - FORMS Present with Pizzazz

Ever delivered a presentation that felt like it landed with a resounding *thud*? You pour your heart into the content, but the room feels ... lifeless. Crickets chirping might be livelier!

Fear not, my friends! Microsoft Forms has a hidden gem called "live present" that  will transform your snoozefest into a live session, with your attendees buzzing as they become part of the data you’re presenting! So buckle up, and let me show you how this nifty feature will supercharge your presentations with minimal effort.

Imagine this: You're leading a workshop. Wouldn't it be awesome to instantly gauge your clients' biggest roadblocks, ‘aha’ moments, or current circumstances? With Live Present, you can whip up a quick poll in Forms (you know and love Forms, right?) asking whatever question you want to dive into with the group during the session. Then, poof! Right there, up on the screen, your clients answer it live on their phones using a magical QR code.

Real-time results roll in, giving you instant insights into your clients' needs. Did those knowledge bombs of yours actually land on their targets, or did you leave some of them scratching their heads? The data tells all, allowing you to adjust your session and content on the fly and address common challenges.

So, how does Live Present make you a data-driven coaching pro?

  • Real-time Feedback: Forget waiting for post-session surveys. Live Present gives you instant insights into the session’s range of needs and understanding. Did a visualisation exercise leave someone confused? How many people in the session today have already used this program or framework before? Where has everyone who’s in the room actually come from today? The results will tell you, allowing you to adjust and clarify right then and there.

  • Engagement on Steroids: Interactive elements like live polls and quizzes keep your clients active and involved. No more glazed-over eyes and secret scrolling on their phones under the desk! Plus, seeing their responses reflected on screen creates a sense of community and keeps everyone invested in the session.

  • Data-Driven Decisions: Live Present captures all the responses, giving you valuable data to analyse later. Use this intel to refine your content, tailor future sessions based on specific needs, and impress your clients with your data-driven approach. Imagine walking into a follow-up session armed with insights about their biggest challenges – powerful stuff!

And, great news - Live Present integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Forms, a tool you probably already know and love. So, there's no need to learn a whole new program!

Here's a quick cheat sheet to get you started:

  1. Craft Your Magic: Create a poll or survey in Microsoft Forms.

  2. Go Live: Hit the "Live Present" button and get a QR code or a short URL.

  3. Polls on the Go! Your clients use their phones to scan the QR code or visit the URL to answer the poll live.

  4. Insights Galore! Watch the results update in real-time, and use them to take your coaching session to the next level.

See? Live Present isn't just about flashy tech – it's about creating dynamic and data-driven experiences for you and your clients. It saves you time by eliminating paper surveys, boosts engagement, and gives you valuable data to improve your presentations every single time.

So, ditch the paper flipcharts and embrace the future of interactive coaching!

Bonus Tip: Check out my YouTube video that shows you how to get started with Live Present, so you can see it in action, and start using this feature with confidence! CLICK HERE to watch it.

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