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Get a Microsoft 365 expert in your pocket! 

Are you making the best use of your Microsoft 365 Business subscription?

Let's cut to the chase - you want to be getting the best value out of every cent you are spending in your business. And having someone tell you that just buying this system or that software will magically solve your problems is, well, nonsense. You are already crazy busy keeping all those balls in the air as it is - who's got the time to learn a whole new system (and make sure that it works)?

Thriving with 365 is different - it's a membership that gives you direct access to Marianne, Thrive's Microsoft Magician. Marianne specialises in giving you the information you need, in a way that makes sense to how you do business, so that you can get on with what really lights you up (whether that's at the desk, or what you can do when you log off!). With over 14 apps already included in your Microsoft 365 subscription, you really do have everything you need to take your business to the next level!


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Why become a Thriving with 365 member?

Besides getting 1-1 access to Marianne, Thrive's Microsoft Magician, members have unlimited access to these incredible benefits:

Weekly Video Tutorials

Member-only video tutorials, posted in your Member Portal, to help you get more bang for your buck from your Microsoft 365 subscription!

Templates & Resources

Access all of Thrive's DIY templates, tutorials, resources and business tools. Download what you need, when you need it, to work smarter!

Monthly Drop-In Session

Join Marianne live on screen in the 90 minute Drop-In Session, held each month. Get your Microsoft questions answered, there on the spot!

Private Facebook Group

All of the member updates are posted here, as well as it being a safe space to ask questions about using your Microsoft products

Thriving with 365 - is it for you?

These are some of the questions we get asked about our membership.

"What is the difference between Thriving with 365 and Microsoft Dynamos?"

Microsoft Dynamos is our free Facebook group. It's a fabulous place to ask questions and get tips and tricks on working with the programs in your Microsoft 365 subscription. BUT, Thriving with 365 will give you direct 1-1 access to Marianne, where you can share your screen, or get a truly tailored answer to your question about a document, spreadsheet or app, so that you can implement it straight away! 

"What kind of questions can I ask in the monthly drop in sessions?"

Anything you like (related to Microsoft 365, of course!). Marianne opens a Teams call once a month, and you can drop in any time in that window to ask a question, and get an answer straight awayDrop in sessions are an excellent way to be able to share your screen and show Marianne exactly what the issue is, or be specific about how you need the solution to work for you, and your business. 

"I don't even know what I have access to in Microsoft 365!"

That's actually the whole point! There are over 14 apps included in a Microsoft 365 business subscription. A lot of them can do what you are probably paying additional subscriptions to other apps for. Thriving with 365 will be a combination of education, problem solving, and keeping you up to date - all without heavy jargon or having to spend loads of time to keep across it all!

Invest in yourself, and your business today!
Get more from your Microsoft 365 subscription by becoming a member of Thriving with 365!

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What our members say...

  • Thrive Admin Services

    “What Marianne doesn’t know about Microsoft 365 isn’t worth knowing… she’s an expert for sure. She knows more about Word and Excel than anyone I’ve ever met.

    On the rare occasion she may not have an immediate answer to a technical question, she makes it her business to find out so you don’t have to spend time trying to work it out on your own. ”

    Pen & Paper Girl

  • Thrive Admin Services

    “I’ve been following Marianne for some time, as I find her tips and tutorials really practical and helpful to me as a small business owner.

    My goal is to substitute some of my many software subscriptions with Microsoft products I’m already entitled to via my Office subscription, and Marianne’s membership is helping me work towards that”


  • Thrive Admin Services

    “I'm loving the membership! The monthly drop in sessions are SO valuable! The resources are awesome, and I really appreciate the effort you put in to them”

    Cherry Blossom Social Media

  • Thrive Admin Services

    “I am so glad I signed up to become a member of Thriving with 365! I recently had some difficulty with a Microsoft app. Instead of having to Google it and wade through a heap of forums and articles, which I just did not have the time to do, I messaged Marianne and she got back to me with a solution very quickly. Such a time saver! I also knew I could absolutely trust in her answer and you can’t put a price on that”

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  • Thrive Admin Services

    “Thank you so much, I found the session extremely useful and I really appreciate the notes and the recording. The way you explain things makes it so easy to understand.”

    Virtually Driven

  • Thrive Admin Services

    “I have already learned so much! I use Word and Excel all the time and thought I was pretty savvy with them, but Marianne has taught me so many nifty tricks and techniques to work smarter with these apps. Templates, styles, forms, OMG! The workbooks I send out to my clients and members work really well now, and now that I have sussed out styles, I can help them brand their own docs really quickly.

    My favourite part of the membership is the drop-in sessions. Not only do I get individual help on my docs, but I learn something new from others' questions.”

    Michelle Marks Business Coach

  • Thrive Admin Services

    “As someone who’s work heavily relies on using and integrating programs so they work seamlessly for my business and for my clients, I don’t know where I’d be without Marianne and Thrive Admin! If I need to understand how to do anything, she is able to explain it. If I need to discern which program is best to use in a given situation, Marianne is able to work it through with me. She truly is a Microsoft Magician!”

    VE Assist

Ready to work smarter?

Get more bang for your buck from your Microsoft 365 subscription!

If you want to find easy ways to improve your workflow, in a way that makes sense to you and how you do business, then Thriving with 365 is the place for you!