Microsoft Audit Report

Simplify and Thrive with a Microsoft Audit!

Not sure if you've got all the right pieces in place? 

Get a set of fresh eyes on your business back-end, and make sure you've put things in the right order to work the way you need with a Thrive Microsoft Audit.

Simple. No down time. No face to face (or on-screen) commitment.

Thrive's Microsoft Audit service is designed to help you do what you are already doing ... better! Whether you are a professional services business owner, or part of a bigger team or organisation and want to be contributing at peak efficiency, my goal is to help you Thrive.

Feeling overwhelmed and tech-xhausted?

I understand the struggle. There are sometimes just too many systems, processes, and moving parts to be across every minute of every day. From managing your workload to catering to a diverse range of client needs, it's easy to feel like you are pushing a boulder uphill when it comes to the tech and your confidence in using it properly.

The Thrive Advantage

Empower yourself with my expertise. Your Microsoft Audit is designed to simplify your tech setup. I'll go behind the scenes and take a closer look at how all of the pieces of your Microsoft 365 subscription are working (or not working) compared to what you actually need and want. You can even give me your wishlist, so I can assess what the next steps are for you from where you are to get you back on track.

No more uphill battles: it's time to make things truly natural and intuitive.

  • Thrive Admin Services

    “Thank you so much, I found the session extremely useful and I really appreciate the notes and the recording. The way you explain things makes it so easy to understand.”

    Virtually Driven

  • Thrive Admin Services

    “As someone who’s work heavily relies on using and integrating programs so they work seamlessly for my business and for my clients, I don’t know where I’d be without Marianne and Thrive Admin! If I need to understand how to do anything, she is able to explain it. If I need to discern which program is best to use in a given situation, Marianne is able to work it through with me. She truly is a Microsoft Magician!”

    VE Assist

Your Audit includes:

Expert insights from Marianne, Thrive's Microsoft 365 expert

Your Personal Audit Report - a jargon-free review of your setup

Supporting resources to help you take the next steps forward

A 30 minute call via Teams to discuss the findings of the audit

Audit sessions are perfect for you if:

  • you're ready to face facts about your current setup
  • you are tired of struggling to make your business systems work
  • you are eager to take the next step without complicating things any further!

Let's work out the path forward ... together!

Ready to unlock the full potential of your business systems? It's time to simplifystreamline, and thrive. Click the button below to purchase your Microsoft Audit.

Empower yourself, simplify your systems, and thrive in your business.

Don't let tech overwhelm hold you back. Take action now, and let me guide you towards success!