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The boost your presentations need!

Power Packs for PowerPoint (the 'Triple P' if you will), are your secret weapon to truly levelling up your presentations, without all the faff and fuss.

If you've got a presentation to give, then these are the tools for the job. Why? Because you don't want to be the presenter who simply reads the slide text to their sleeping audience. And what you have to say? It's nowhere near as dry as a standard presentation would make it seem. You, and your audience, deserve better. 

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Each Power Pack gets you:

Graphic - Green Tick (white circle) ready to use PowerPoint slides - simply plug and play!

Graphic - Green Tick (white circle) easy instructions for customising to your brand

Graphic - Green Tick (white circle) options that you can keep and reuse again and again!

Thrive's Power Packs are all about pimping your PowerPoint presentation.

Not only do they know how to capture your audience's attention with graphic layouts and elements, but they also give you the gift of both form AND function - meaning they convey your very important points effortlessly and effectively.

Whether it's process improvement, professional development, or organisational change plans, one thing's for sure. These guys are going to stop your presentation from being a snooze-fest, and keep your key points front and centre.

Succinct. Clear. Memorable.

And because you have them in your back pocket, you can make sure that EVERY presentation from here on in has that effect.

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What's included:

Each Power Pack is a complete and fully customisable set of slides, that you can either add to your existing presentations, or use to create a solid base layout.

PowerPoint File

Created in PowerPoint for Microsoft 365, your files are accessible on Mac and PC, and via the web and desktop apps.

Access to Thrive

Your purchase includes a standing offer to join Marianne at a monthly group coaching session, so you can get extra support!

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Hi there - I'm Marianne

In case we haven't already connected, I am the owner and Magic Maker here at Thrive Admin Services. I'm a systems and processes Online Business Manager (OBM), with a special interest in Microsoft 365. I'm also certified in a few other systems and programs (because I'm all about whatever works best for you!). I worked in corporate administration roles for over 20 years, covering every stage of administration from reception to finance to C-Suite 1:1 EA work. 

These days? I'm a problem solver. Your very own 'make it happen' person when it comes to documents, spreadsheets, presentations and business systems. My experience has shown me that that it's possible to do some incredible things with the tools you already have access to. I know that with a little know-how, you can confidently manage your business and workflow using practical, common-sense tools that align with how you like to work, and what your clients need!