Social Media Metrics Report Template

Designed for Social Media Managers needing an on-brand, easy to read report for their clients.   

Do your clients truly understand the amazing job you are doing with their socials every day, week, month?

Are you able to quickly and consistently produce a professional report that lets them see what value you bring to their business, in a way that is on-brand and allows your expertise to shine?

You provide important metrics to your clients on a regular basis ... but why waste your precious time formatting and creating documents over and over again?! Show your clients why they need you and reinforce your branding in a stylish, functional way thanks to the Social Media Metrics Report from Thrive!

Making it easier for your clients to understand your reports can only mean they value you even more!

Thrive's DIY Social Media Metrics Report is delivered as a Microsoft Word document, and includes:

  • Microsoft Word document template, built and ready for you to work with
  • Formatted Styles, making it easy to create consistent reports
  • Different first page header and footer - super professional
  • Pre-built tables, so you can easily edit it to suit your services

Your DIY Template bundle is made up of:

  • Social Media Metrics Report document - (Microsoft Word, multi-page)
  • 1 step by step instructional video tutorial showing you exactly how to customise the elements of your document
  • BONUS PDF resources to ensure you are creating stylish and professional content, no matter what your skills or confidence in Microsoft Word

Make it SUPER simple for your clients to see the value you bring to their business, in a way that truly represents your own business - thanks to Thrive!

DIY SMM Rpt Cover