Business Income Tracker

A Microsoft Excel Resource

As a freelancer, keeping track of your income REALLY matters!

Not only do you need to make sure that you are invoicing clients, but also that you are investing in yourself and your business!

This handy Excel spreadsheet helps you to break down your income to help see the amounts you need to allocate for superannuation, tax, and towards your business expenses from each invoice!

With built-in formulas, and a useful monthly summary table, this tracking tool makes it easy for you to transfer and manage your business finance commitments, in a way that ensures you are investing in yourself from the start!

Thrive's Business Income Tracker is delivered as a Microsoft Excel workbook, and includes:

  • Invoice breakdown summary that allows for PAYG, superannuation, operational (business) expenses, and a 'salary'
  • Pre-filled formulas to meet standard practice, which are completely editable to suit your personal preferences/requirements!
  • BONUS superannuation tracking sheet so you can see all of your contributions for the year in one place (handy for your accountant!)
  • BONUS mileage sheet, so you can list any vehicle use for your business (again, your accountant will love this!) 

**Percentages provided in the tracking tool are based on general business practice, and may not be appropriate for your individual circumstances. The spreadsheet is editable, and can be updated with your preferred split, so that it's tailored to your needs!

NOTE: This workbook has been designed as an internal tool only. It does not replace the advice received from financial planners, accountants, or business advisors, nor does it take into consideration your own specific financial goals or information. The calculations used for GST, superannuation, PAYG etc are estimates only, and you are free to edit these as you see fit.

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