Invoice Template

Designed for business owners who need to invoice clients, but aren't ready to take on an invoicing/accounting system yet.

The joy of getting a client to accept your proposal can quickly vanish if you aren't set up to invoice them and get that money coming in!

A clear and concise invoice is an essential part of your business toolkit, and needs to make it easy for your clients to pay you.

Adding your branding and style to an invoice is easy, but it's so important to make sure you have all the essential elements in place!

Getting started doesn't have to be complicated!

Thrive's DIY Invoice is delivered as a Microsoft Word document, and includes:

  • Styled headers and footers, ready for you to add your logo and information
  • Built-in formulas (yes ... in Word!) to help you calculate your totals
  • A clear layout that you can start to use straight away
  • An easy to follow table layout, so you can keep things lined up and easy for the client to read

NOTE: This invoice has been designed to meet Australian Taxation Office requirements. Should you be based outside of Australia, you will need to check that your local compliance requirements are included, or make manual adjustments to ensure that it is suitable for use.

Your DIY Invoice bundle is made up of:

  • Invoice document - non-GST layout (Microsoft Word, single-page)
  • Invoice document - GST layout (Microsoft Word, single-page)
  • 2 step by step instructional video tutorials showing you exactly how to customise the elements of your documents
  • BONUS PDF resources to ensure you are creating stylish and professional content, no matter what your skills or confidence in Microsoft Word

Ask for payment with confidence, style, and a dash of your own personality - thanks to Thrive!

DIY Invoice cover