Templates in Microsoft Word

A Thrive Guide (ebook)

Stop spending hours formatting the same document over and over again!
Quickly and easily create consistently formatted, branded document templates, by following this Thrive Guide.

Set the bar high for your clients, by presenting them with polished and professional documents, that haven't taken you forever to prepare!

Turning your formatted documents into templates ensures that you can quickly and easily create new documents for your clients, and get them sent out ASAP - leaving you time in your day for the next thing on your to-do list (or to even be able to log off early!).

The Thrive Guide to Templates in Microsoft Word is a step by step resource that lets you:

  • transform any of your existing day to day business documents into ready to use templates
  • build your knowledge of Microsoft Word, whilst also improving your business processes
  • grow your training resources, either for yourself or your team

You can create templates for almost every document your business uses - from proposals and agreements, through to reports, invoices and receipts.

Work smarter, sooner, so you can focus on what you love about your business!

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