Styles in Microsoft Word

A Thrive Guide (ebook)

Are you spending more time applying your formatting than putting together your expert content?
There's an easier way!

By creating customised 'Styles' in your documents, you can apply all of your branding with a click of a button!

Your time is better spent putting together the expert content your client is paying for. By using Styles in Microsoft Word, you can stamp your brand across any of your business documents, without the frustration of sitting there going through the document over and over again!

The Thrive Guide to Using Styles in Microsoft Word is a step by step resource that shows you:

  • how to edit existing inbuilt Styles to tailor them to your brand palette
  • ways you can easily create your own new Style from scratch, to suit your specific document needs
  • how to work through the process, with screenshots to help you make sure you are on track

You can create styles for any document your business uses - from proposals and agreements, through to reports, invoices and receipts. 

Work smarter, sooner, so you can focus on what goes INTO your documents - you know, your zone of genius!

Resource Styles Word Ebook cover