Proposal Template

Designed for business owners wanting to easily prepare and send proposals to potential clients ... but aren't sure how to get started.

Make the right first impression with a potential client, with a clear and concise proposal that explains why you are the professional they need.

A proposal is an excellent way to confirm the details of your client's needs, and is an opportunity for you to reassure them that you have the experience and skills to help them, whilst also reinforcing your values, brand and business voice. A solid Proposal document is a critical element in business toolkit, and will see you get ahead of your competitors by using a consistent and streamlined process.

Creating a standout proposal doesn't have to be difficult!

Thrive's DIY Proposal is delivered as a Microsoft Word document, and includes:

  • Formatted Styles, making it easy to make changes and apply your own brand palette

  • Clear headings included to help get you started

  • Pre-built table format, so you can keep things lined up and evenly spaced

Your DIY Template bundle is made up of:

  • Proposal document - (Microsoft Word, multi-page)
  • 1 step by step instructional video tutorial showing you exactly how to customise the elements of your document
  • BONUS PDF resources to ensure you are creating stylish and professional content, no matter what your skills or confidence in Microsoft Word

Make it easy for potential clients to see the value and professionalism you will bring to their business - thanks to Thrive!

DIY Proposal Cover