Service Agreement

A Microsoft Word Template

Every service based business owner needs a solid, on-brand Service Agreement to set the ground rules for working with clients.

While this is a legal contract, to protect you and your work, and set the terms for your working relationship, there's no reason it can't also express your personality, branding and business 'voice'.

Thrive's user friendly Microsoft Word Service Agreement template gives you an easy to follow template, with headings, tables and a layout that gives you opportunities to stamp your style all over it.

This document also gives you the flexibility to include your own lawyer-approved terms and conditions, and business-specific processes, so you end up with a bespoke Service Agreement document, that is easy to use as a template for every client in your business!

Make a statement while you set the rules of your working relationship with clients!

Thrive's DIY Service Agreement is delivered as a Microsoft Word document, and includes:

  • Formatted Styles, making it easy to make changes and apply your own brand palette
  • Clear headings included to help get you started
  • Pre-built table and column formats, so you can keep things lined up and evenly spaced
  • BONUS checklist to help you create a truly customised final template for your business
DIY Service Agreement Cover