Budget & Forecast Workbook

A Microsoft Excel Resource

Setting financial goals for your business helps you create a plan to make them a reality!

You don't need to be an accountant or financial planner to start budgeting and forecasting in your business.

A good spreadsheet is enough to get you started (with good being the important word there!)

Lucky for you, Thrive has done all the hard work of setting it up for you, with our Budget & Forecasting Workbook.

This comprehensive Microsoft Excel workbook will set you up so you can confidently budget, forecast and experiment with your pricing!

To make it easy, there are two workbooks provided - one that allows for the inclusion of GST, and one that doesn't (so you can work with the right numbers for you!)

Containing 3 separate spreadsheets, each workbook shows you how to:

  • track your business revenue by income group across the financial year (and even compare it to your financial goals!); AND
  • plan for the month ahead and forecast what you should make in the month ahead; AND
  • play with pricing and products and/or services to see what tweaks you can make to make your financial goals a reality!

"But I don't know how to do complex formulas in Microsoft Excel!"

Don't worry - we've done them for you 😊

You even get an instruction sheet inside the workbook that explains how to use it!

"I don't have products, just service packages"

Brilliant - you can use this workbook to see how your revenue changes according to the number of packages you have secured each month!

"What if I'm not registered for GST?"

There are two workbook options included - one for those who are registered, and one for those who are not! The formulas in each workbook are different, to allow for GST allocations. 

Simply use the right option for your business, so you are working with the right information! 

Thrive's Budget & Forecasting Workbook is delivered as a Microsoft Excel workbook, and includes:

  • Step by step instructions inside the workbook
  • Financial year tracking, so you can compare sales and income from month to month across the entire financial year
  • A current month forecast to map out your confirmed and anticipated income for the next month, helping you identify gaps between your goals and your expected revenue, or where pricing needs to be updated
  • Ideal month forecast, so you can see what the perfect mix of your products and services (at different pricing) will see you smashing your finance goals

NOTE: This workbook has been designed as an internal tool only. It does not replace the advice received from financial planners, accountants, or business advisors, nor does it take into consideration your own specific financial goals or information. The calculations used for GST, superannuation, PAYG etc are estimates only, and you are free to edit these as you see fit.

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