Simplero Landing Page Audit

A Thrive Service

Simplero Landing Page Audits have been designed to give you a fresh perspective, and feedback from a Simplero expert, to ensure you are putting the best possible content out into the world from your Simplero account.

Allow me to review your landing page content, images, layout and style, so that you can maximise the impact it makes on your email list, sales, and business!

Who is this service for:

Simplero Landing Page Audits are perfect for:

  • lead magnet opt in pages

  • waitlist pages

  • customised thank you pages

  • long form sales pages

If you are looking for something a little more ‘custom’ than the cookie-cutter template options, then let Thrive audit your Simplero landing page!

How it works:

You already have all the pieces ready to go - but just want to be sure that it actually looks and reads the way you want your visitor to receive it. After all, you know the intention, the sequence and the end goal. Ever heard of being unable to see the forest for the trees? This is exactly what happens when you have spent your time and energy putting together your landing page … and getting an audit from Thrive will ensure you have captured the intention of your page before you send it out into the world!

Once you have purchased your Simplero Landing Page Audit, you will be sent an email with a short form which lets you provide details on the form and its goals, so I can review it with the end goal in mind for you. You will receive an audit report with feedback, tips and resources within 5 business days of submitting your form, so you have all the tools to make your landing page as dynamic and engaging as it deserves to be

IMG - Simplero Landing Page Audit