Micro-SOS Messaging Support

Get a Microsoft Expert on call ... 4 times every month!

Sometimes, what you actually need is an answer to your question ... right now. Not next week, later in the month, or after hours and hours of endless scrolling, searching, and dead ends.

Marianne, Thrive's 'Make it Happen' Magician, knows how important it is for you to simply be able to solve your roadblock here and now, and get on with your task and your day! 

Micro-SOS has been designed with exactly this in mind. Here's how it works: 

Marianne inside a computer screen with Microsoft 365 app icons to the right hand side

You get 4 Microsoft SOS calls each month for just $47 AUD (inc GST)

That means you can simply send Marianne, Thrive's resident Microsoft Magician, a message in your private Teams chat, telling her exactly what isn't working, or that you just can't figure out how to do.

Marianne will provide a response - as either a text message, video tutorial, or link to a concise step by step explanation as soon as she can (inside normal business hours), so you have the exact answer you need and can keep working without delay!

Not only that, you get lifetime access to the solutions she provides in your chat thread, so you can always come back to the resources and information whenever you need.

This service is PERFECT for you if:

  • you are using Microsoft 365 in your day to day business, but sometimes get stuck and lose time finding the solution
  • you know there's a better way to do what you need to, but you don't have the time (or patience!) to figure it out
  • there are things you avoid doing in Microsoft 365 because you don't have any IT support that you can call on
  • you aren't ready for a full-service membership, but would love the security of knowing you have an expert available if you need it

Get the support you need, when you need it, for all of your Microsoft 365 questions - all for just $47 AUD per month.

No lock-in contracts - pay by the month, cancel any time without penalty, or purchase a full year upfront and get 12 months of Microsoft Magic from Thrive for the price of 10!

*Thriving with 365 members receive this service as a standard membership benefit, at no additional cost.

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