Microsoft Makeover Masterclass

Ditch your old software and save money

Did you know that you have access to more than 30 different apps and programs inside your Microsoft 365 business subscription?

Crazy, I know!

I know that you are already paying for a program that lets clients book appointments with you, another for project management, another for internal communication and workload planning with your team and colleagues, and maybe even another one that allows you to send and receive large files and content for projects.

How would it feel if you could easily integrate the apps and features you need to run your business under one login, so you could:

   🌱  create and manage bookings for any of your services
   🌱  host online meetings with file sharing, chat and collaboration functions
   🌱  track and manage project and business workloads, for clients and your team

... synced to all of your devices, so you can seamlessly move from desktop to phone to laptop and back again!

The Microsoft Makeover is a 1 hour masterclass session, introducing you to 13 of the apps that you already have full access to inside your current Microsoft 365 business subscription! What's more, in it I share 5 simple swaps you can make TODAY that will save you over ... (wait for it) ... 

$1,000 AUD each and every year!

You will be amazed at what is possible for you and your workload - all without needing to take on any new subscriptions or training!

If you are the kind of go-getting action taker who wants to double down on the impact using Microsoft 365 has on managing workload and productivity, this is your chance to save over $1,000 a year with 5 key swaps in your business operations.

What does the Masterclass include?

  • Lifetime access to the recording: Unlock ongoing access to the masterclass recording, so you can learn at your own pace!
  • Business Systems Audit Checklist: This printable, fillable form helps you identify the RIGHT swaps and gaps for you, right now!
  • What does What 'cheat sheet': Stil bamboozled by Microsoft 365? I got you boo! This handy reference sheet breaks your subscription down, nice and easy!

This is your chance to save BIG with the learnings in this value-packed masterclass.

What are you waiting for?

Cover Microsoft Makeover course