Thriving Setups

Thriving Setups are intensive 1:1 sessions with Marianne from Thrive!

Stop thinking 'why won't this just work', and let's work together to create the PERFECT system, process or document setup for you, and how you do business!


You're the one who is shattered at the end of the day, after struggling to set up your client files and share content in a way that doesn't crash your mix 'n' match setup of systems.

You've spent hours Googling how to set up OneDrive, Forms or Teams, email marketing, landing pages or e-commerce products ... only to be met with forums full of tech-speak, and 'recommendations' to buy this linking program and book that course to learn how to use it.

You've connected with other women in business, your existing network, old colleagues, and every FB group you can think of to find a way to just make the pieces you are already paying for talk to each other ... but are sick and tired of the fluffy advice that doesn't actually show you how to do it.

You're ready for some straight-talking, practical advice, that will work with you to create a system that makes sense, and just works.

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Both online and in person options, to suit your needs

Get the Online Express Setup Buy an Online VIP Setup Book an in-person VIP Setup

How does it work?

Thriving Setups are all about creating a space where we can work together, without distractions, to build a connected solution for you and your business within your existing Microsoft 365 subscription!

Using my own experiences, trials and errors (and there were lots of errors!), and a common-sense approach to business systems and processes, we work together virtually or in the same room to create what you need in real time.

Come away with the tools, tips and knowledge you need to work smarter and reduce the overwhelm!

I'm all about easing your workload. For you, that could look like:

Client Experience

Professional touchpoints for your clients at every stage of their journey with you and your business

Branded Content

Templates, content and tools that are aligned with your business brand and voice - ready to use!

Data Data Data

Seamless integration of your data in a way that gives you clarity on all aspects of your business

You gotta love a system

Create practical frameworks for lead tracking, managing client work, or simply seeing the big picture

Choose your Thriving Setup

Online Express Setup


3 hour virtual session

Sometimes, you just need a set of fresh eyes to help you put the pieces together in an orderly fashion. 

  • 3 hours together via Teams
  • Link to the recording
  • Summary report of our session
  • 1 year of Thrive Academy access

Online VIP Setup


6 hours of virtual support

You've got a list that you want to get done, or you have ideas and notes that need some help getting mapped out and becoming a reality.

  • 7 hours together via Teams
  • Link to the recording
  • Summary report of our session
  • 1 month of Teams chat support
  • 1 year of Thrive Academy access

In Person VIP Day


face to face, whole day

There's just something to be said for sitting in a room together, and being able to point at things, scribble notes, and talk it through.

  • 7 hours together IN PERSON
  • Brainstorming and doing 
  • Full report of what we achieved in our day together
  • Supporting resources and links
  • 1 month of Teams chat support
  • 1 year of Thrive Academy access

The Thrive Process:

  • Once you reserve your Thriving Setup, you'll book a date(s) for your session(s), and I'll send you a short form to give me an idea of what you want to cover in our time together.
  • You will receive a calendar invite with the login details if our session is virtual, or the times and locations for our face to face VIP day.
  • We start our session by reviewing your wishlist. We spend the rest of our time together working through the list, ensuring you get to test and play with everything we create along the way. There will be a couple of breaks along the way (whether virtual or in person).
  • After the session is complete, you receive a summary of what we achieved, and how, as well as recordings of any virtual sessions held in Teams.

IMG - Testimonials Text (trans)

  • Thrive Admin Services

    “Marianne is professional, knowledgeable and an absolute dream to work with. This one document template is now going to be used over and over again and I'm going to look a whole lot more professional!”

    Cherry Blossom Social Media

  • Thrive Admin Services

    “Marianne is by far the most experienced administrator I have ever had the pleasure of working with. She makes it all seem so easy - it really is like she can see what I have pictured in my mind!”

    Share the Dignity

  • Thrive Admin Services

    “Our ongoing dealings with Marianne and Thrive have been superb. The quality of work, timeliness, proactivity and breadth of skillset has been of enormous support to our young and growing business.”

    De Motu Cordis

  • Thrive Admin Services

    “Finding someone like Marianne who is at a 'expert' level of experience not only with actual MS Word document formatting technical skills but also exemplary customer service has been amazing for me, likened to striking gold! I would highly recommend Marianne's services to anyone.”

    Admin & Co

  • Thrive Admin Services

    “Thank you so much, I found the session extremely useful and I really appreciate the notes and the recording. The way you explain things makes it so easy to understand.”

    Virtually Driven

  • Thrive Admin Services

    “As someone who’s work heavily relies on using and integrating programs so they work seamlessly for my business and for my clients, I don’t know where I’d be without Marianne and Thrive Admin! If I need to understand how to do anything, she is able to explain it. If I need to discern which program is best to use in a given situation, Marianne is able to work it through with me. She truly is a Microsoft Magician!”

    VE Assist

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Hi there - I'm Marianne

I'm your fast-talking, cheese-loving 'Microsoft Magician' and Online Business Manager (OBM) at Thrive Admin Services. Based in Hervey Bay, QLD, with my husband and our two dogs (Eli and Skye), I'm a natural problem-solver, with a knack for seeing both the big picture and the small steps needed to make it a reality.

With over 20 years' corporate admin experience, I specialise in working with admin superstars, virtual administrators, and professional services business owners (you know - just like you!) to help you truly get more bang for your buck from your existing Microsoft 365 subscription, and create the systems and processes of your dreams! It's all about reducing the overwhelm, frustration and heavy tech-talk, to create common-sense practical systems and processes that make sense to you! After all, sharing is caring!