Thriving Toolkits

Ease your workload, and set yourself up for success!

Having a suite of easy to use, professional document templates on hand is one of the easiest ways you can work smarter in your business.

In order to be able to focus on your zone of genius, you need to make sure that the documents and tools you have in your business make sense to you, and how you work. You deserve to have documents and tools at your disposal that:

  • clearly demonstrate your professionalism
  • are consistent and on-brand, so that clients recognise your content on sight
  • are easy to edit and update, as your business grows and evolves
  • let your expertise shine!

Start working smarter, with a Thriving Toolkit

Thriving Toolkits are a combination of our DIY Templates and Resources. Each toolkit has been designed to help you get more bang for your buck from your existing Microsoft 365 Business subscription.

You are busy enough, juggling all of the balls in your business - these straightforward templates and resources are all designed for use within Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel, with all the formatting, formulas and styling already done for you!

Simply add your logo, fonts and colours, and they are ready to use!

With three different packages, and options for GST and non-GST businesses, there's a Thriving Toolkit to suit you! 

Know your Numbers  

Manage your finances with confidence

  • Business Income Tracking Tool
  • DIY Invoice Template (with video tutorial!)
  • Budget & Forecasting Workbook
  • Options for GST and non-GST business
Toolkit_Know Your Numbers

Say it with Style  

Make the right first impression with clients

  • DIY Professional Profile Template
  • DIY Proposal Template
  • DIY Service Agreement Template
  • DIY Report Template
  • Lifetime access to video tutorials for each template
Toolkit_Say it with Style

Plan & Prepare  

Set yourself up for success!

The ultimate toolkit, giving you all of the content from Know your Numbers AND Say it with Style, in one easy package! 

  • 2 Microsoft Excel Workbooks
  • All 5 DIY Templates
  • Options for GST and non-GST business
  • Lifetime access to all 6 video tutorials - take your time, and apply the tips and tricks included in these tutorials across your entire business!
Toolkit_Plan and Prepare

Not sure which Thriving Toolkit is for you?

These top tips might help you with that decision:

Do I have to be an expert in Word to use these templates?

Short answer - no.

Our DIY Templates have all been designed with most of the formatting already done for you - you just need to add your logo, and change the colour and style of the fonts, and you will have most of what you need to get started.

If you want a little bit more help, remember to add the DIY video tutorials to your order, so you have lifetime access to a step by step guide!

What level of skill do I need in Excel for these resources?

The resources already have the formulas and formatting inserted into them, so you can simply download and start using them.

As long as you don't overwrite those formulas, the spreadsheets will work as planned. If you ever have any issues, get in touch, and we can give you some pointers on how to fix it!

I use Microsoft on the web - will this be an issue?

All of Thrive's templates and resources are designed to be used with Microsoft 365, and will work on both the web and desktop versions (Mac and PC too!).

You may experience some issues updating headers and footers in Word on the web. It is possible, but will take a little bit more patience to complete. None of the Excel resources require editing of the headers or footers.

Can I build my own customised toolkit?

Not at this time. The toolkits have been put together based on specific groupings, and how other people have preferred to use them in the past.

If you are interested in putting together a specific set of Thrive products, please get in touch here, and we can see how we can help.

Choose the right Thriving Toolkit for you!


Manage your business finances, and request payments with confidence!


Make the right first impression with these professional templates


Set yourself up for success with this suite of templates and resources!