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Did you know you can record a voiceover inside PowerPoint?

Or that Teams will create a custom registration form for that webinar?

Not sure how to make your spreadsheet available to your client, so they can update the finances in real time from their own computer?

All of these things ARE possible ... 

  • without paying for more overcomplicated software solutions


  • allowing you to claim back hours of your week spent scrolling 'solutions' on Google, just to end up at another dead-end.

And it can all be done with Microsoft 365!

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Get ready to Thrive!

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Thrive Academy has been designed specifically to help you create bespoke systems, processes and content from the tools inside your Microsoft 365 subscription (*cough* - actually use what you are paying for - *cough*)


I will show you how to use those apps, features and tools. PLUS, you have unlimited access to my skills, knowledge and experience (via a WHOLE LIBRARY of content) to help you build on those foundations with more complex, nuanced, and personalised processes, so you can truly create an integrated system that is perfectly tailored to you, your workload, and your needs!

YES - you really can have it all!

You can maximise the value sitting inside your existing Microsoft 365 subscription, and use it to create the  workflows, processes and client management systems that you and your business deserve!

Without feeling overwhelmed and lacking in skills.

Without the constant "I can't do this" ringing in your head.



Welcome to Thrive Academy - THE membership for Microsoft 365 

The only difference between where you are now, and making Microsoft 365 an integrated part of your entire business, is that you don't have the tools in place to see, understand and implement the right elements for your business! Thrive Academy is the place to learn, share and grow your skills and confidence with Microsoft 365, so that you can truly master Microsoft, in a way that feels aligned and authentic for you!

Join other savvy admin superstars and business professionals, and access a growing vault of answers to all of your Microsoft 365 questions - without the jargon, overwhelm, or complication that you find when searching online.

Inside Thrive Academy, you're going to ...

Learn what elements of the 30+ programs and elements inside your existing Microsoft 365 subscription are of value to you, and where you can use them in your everyday work practices

Understand the purpose and function of each application, so you can make the right choices for you

Discover the power and potential sitting inside the subscription you are already paying for

Build customised elements as you want or need, with expert insights at your fingertips the whole time

Trust your instincts to create, implement, and adapt as you and your business needs evolve

Open the door to the power and possibilities that Microsoft 365 offers for you and your workload

Join the waitlist and get EARLYBIRD access!

Waitlist members get EARLY BIRD access to the academy, as well as a SPECIAL BONUS OFFER - not available anywhere else!  

Being on the waitlist does not commit you to becoming a member of Thrive Academy - it only means you will get notified first about doors opening, and special offers available only to waitlist members!

Introducing Thrive Academy, your one-stop shop for all of your Microsoft 365 answers, designed to give you the exact resources and support you need, so that you can truly get to grips with all of the features, tools and functions of the 30+ apps, tools and programs that you already have access to inside your Microsoft 365 Business subscription.

Thrive Academy is about giving you a truly jargon-free space where you can build your skills, confidence, and understanding on all things Microsoft 365, in a practical, tailored way.



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As an academy member, you get specific, practical advice and support from me, your Microsoft Magician, so that you can take action to grow your skills and confidence, and create the truly integrated systems and workflows you deserve ... using the tools you already have!

Academy - Sample of Classes

Save HOURS in your week, by learning how to create customised rules in Outlook, so your inbox manages itself!

Save ENERGY every day, by setting up functional and personalised templates in Word, so you can work smarter.

Grow your REPUTATION as a professional, with dynamic PowerPoint presentations and live action survey results from Forms that will wow your clients.

I need this - get me on the waitlist NOW

What to expect from membership in the Academy

The Thrive Academy is a membership that combines learning, community, and support. I've created classes based on the questions I'm asked by clients and my network all the time. I've also added in a heap more that I know people like you are genuinely struggling with. Best of all, I'm adding new classes every month!

PLUS members get amazing insights and extras direct from me, that will really help move the needle when it comes to understanding how to use Microsoft 365 your way. 

I am SO excited for our year ahead, knowing what you will achieve with a little confidence and know-how. You are totally capable of creating the systems and processes of your dreams - without compromise - by using the tools and features you already have access to inside Microsoft 365.  


Here's what's inside Thrive Academy ...

Thriving Library


A growing vault of online classes on all things Microsoft 365!

Over 150 classes already available, with more added every month.

No tech-talk or complicated steps. Just practical, short, sharp, tutorials that get you from A to B.

Valued at over $5,000.

Group Coaching


60 minute Microsoft Teams group coaching session each month, giving you direct access to a Microsoft 365 expert to answer your questions and solve your Microsoft dilemma!

These LIVE sessions are an 'open mic' event, where you can submit a question in advance to be answered, or drop in at any point during the session window. 

Valued at $2,700 per year.

I want to join the waitlist for Thrive Academy

That's OVER $7,700 in benefits ... available each year of membership!

PLUS the value of having a single place to go to for all of your Microsoft answers? PRICELESS. 

You get 12 months of unlimited access to every class in the academy, including the 2 new classes that are added every month. AND you can watch or listen to them (like a podcast!) in your own time, at your own pace.

 Thrive Academy has everything I wish I'd had access to when I was creating my own documents, systems, and processes - both as an admin superstar, and then running my own business, ALL IN ONE PLACE. If I had been able to get direct, on-the-support answers like this, it would have taken me a LOT less time to get my business systems and processes up and running, and reflective of me and my values and brand!

That's why I want you to know what I know, so you can do what I do!



  • Finding someone like Marianne who is at a 'expert' level of experience not only with actual MS Word document formatting technical skills but also exemplary customer service has been amazing for me, likened to striking gold! The outcomes for me, being able to work with someone who knows exactly what is needed with minimal instruction has been wonderful.


    Admin & Co

  • Marianne,

    You are a Superstar ‚≠ź

    Thank you so much, I've just watched it and have managed to create a spreadsheet that now does what I need it to do for my new client 


    Connect and Flow WA

  • Marianne is a genius at determining what is needed, explaining it in a way that is easily understandable and to individualise each session to your current needs.¬†I would highly recommend her to anyone who wants to use their Microsoft 365 subscription better or get an intro to Microsoft and see what's possible.



  • WOW! Marianne has such an extensive range of Microsoft 365 knowledge and makes her learning sessions easy for everyone at any level to understand her teachings.¬†


    VA Institute

  • It's like she is inside my head, seeing exactly how I've pictured it! One of the most capable administrators I've ever had the pleasure of working with.


    Share the Dignity

  • Marianne is so incredibly helpful and knowledgeable about Microsoft 365 and is able to walk you through complex processes in a way that makes them easy! Her one-on-one sessions are friendly and tailored to what you need. Highly recommended.


    All Hours Virtual Assist

  • Her knowledge, quality of work, and skill has been extremely helpful to our small business.


    De Motu Cordis

2023-04 Marianne Framed (Bright Green)

Hi there - I'm Marianne

In case we haven't already connected, I am the owner and Magic Maker here at Thrive Admin Services. I'm a systems and processes Online Business Manager (OBM), with a special interest in Microsoft 365. I'm also certified in a few other systems and programs (because I'm all about whatever works best for you!). I worked in corporate administration roles for over 20 years, covering every stage of administration from reception to finance to C-Suite 1:1 EA work. 

These days? I'm a problem solver. Your very own 'make it happen' person when it comes to documents, spreadsheets, presentations and business systems. My experience has shown me that that it's possible to do some incredible things with the tools you already have access to. I know that with a little know-how, you can confidently manage your business and workflow using practical, common-sense tools that align with how you like to work, and what your clients need!

I'm ready - add me to the waitlist!


Awesome - because there's something I want to tell you.

This is not an online course ... it's an experience.

Join the savvy women already in this group, who are taking action to save time and money, and reclaim the mental bandwidth they need to be able to focus on what they love about their day to day!


Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common queries that people have about Thrive Academy. If you have a question about the Academy or joining the waitlist that isn't answered here, go ahead and email 

I'll be totally upfront and say that this is not the membership for someone who has never used Microsoft 365 before.

So if you are looking for entry level support for Microsoft 365, then this is not the right place for you. 

But, if you are already using Microsoft 365, and are comfortable with some of the basics, this is where you can take it to a whole new level in terms of integration, automation, and cohesion in your workflows.

Early bird members get an extra bonus offer that won't be made available to the general public, to really kickstart their use of the academy content and ensure they get the support and information they need to start getting more bang for their buck from both the academy and their Microsoft 365 subscription.

I love working with all of my members to build confidence and knowledge, and make sure you have everything you need to create a tailored and aligned business system that eases your workload.

The waitlist is a way of registering your interest in being a member of Thrive Academy. It is NOT a commitment to join.

It means you don't need to keep an eye out for when I announce the doors are opening again, because I'll email you directly to let you know all about it. AND there will be a special offer for you, just to say thanks for being interested.

There is ABSOLUTELY NO COMMITMENT from you to become a member, but it does get you ahead of everyone else when it comes time to consider it properly.

The value of the membership is based on the cost of purchasing this sort of time with me to help you out 1:1, or via some of my online courses. There is no catch. Thrive Academy is affordable, because I believe you deserve to know how to use the tools you have, in ways that will benefit you. The Academy is a 12 month subscription, so you pay an annual access fee and get everything in there. No catch, no hidden rules. HUGE value!

Almost immediately after adding your name to the list, you'll receive an email from me, confirming that you are on the list. After that, you won't hear from me again until just before the doors open next to the general public.

I'll have details of what's inside Thrive Academy, along with a special offer for you as a member of the waitlist, that won't be offered anywhere else. It will also have direct links so you can join the fun directly, without having to worry about adding more tabs to your web browser!

The portion of women working in online businesses and administration roles (freelance or in paid employment) is proportionally higher than men, but the support they receive is substantially less! I started Thrive Academy as a way to play my part in helping to bridge that gap in an affordable, and low-commitment way. I would like to support as many women and non-binary people in achieving calm and order from the chaos and overwhelm of their admin workload, as I can.

But, we're open for everyone! Men are absolutely welcome inside Thrive Academy.

One of the things I really want to focus on with Thrive Academy, is ensuring that the content in the online classes and support provided in our monthly coaching calls, are relevant and helpful to members. By only opening the doors up to new members several times a year, it means I can spend the time in between creating high-quality content for the Academy portal, and connecting with members to ensure that they are getting the most from their membership across the entire year.

No more questions - I want to be on the list

Legal disclaimer: every effort has been made to accurately represent our products and their potential. The testimonials and examples used are exceptional results, and may not apply to the average purchaser and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. Each individual's success depends on their background, dedication, desire and motivation. As with any business endeavour, there is an inherent risk of loss of capital, and there is no guarantee that you will earn any money.