Work Smarter Stationery

Do you struggle to remember your keyboard shortcuts?

Having to stop what you are doing with your keyboard to find the right icon and click all the steps...what a waste of time!

Or, not knowing the shortcut, but knowing that there definitely is one...and then spending time to find the shortcut so you can use it!

Get the shortcuts you need, literally at your fingertips with Thrive's Work Smarter stationery.

With both PC and Mac versions available, these desk and note pads will become a permanent part of your workspace!

Keep your Microsoft Word shortcuts handy wherever you are!

A3 Desk Pads

$32 inc GST

Stationery - A3 Desk Pads

With 20 Microsoft Word keyboard shortcuts just for PC, it's an easy and stylish way to work smarter!

**Price includes postage via Australia Post**

A4 Note Pads

$18 inc GST

Stationery - A4 Note Pads

With 10 handy Microsoft Word shortcuts on every page, this is a brilliant addition to your stationery collection! 
**Price includes postage via Australia Post**

Business Bundle

$45 inc GST

Stationery - Business Bundle

Get the A4 Note Pad and the A3 Desk Pad in this handy bundle, so you can always find the shortcut you need! 
**Price includes postage via Australia Post**