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From Chaos to Calm: Using Microsoft Teams to transform your business (and sanity!)

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I get it. You’re running the show, and the star at the same time. From client meetings to invoicing, and every tiny detail in between - you have to be across it. Your time is so valuable, so let’s not add to the stress and overwhelm when it comes to keeping all those balls in the air.

Let’s talk about how Microsoft Teams can be your saviour! AND save you some money to boot! If you’re already rocking a Microsoft 365 business subscription (maybe just for Word, Excel and Outlook), you have got access to some fantastic features that will make your life easier, and help you to thrive without adding any extra costs.

In fact, it might actually help you cut some other expenses in your biz!

Curious? Let’s dive into four of the features inside Microsoft Teams that can simplify your business operations:

1: Breakout Rooms

Remember those days when you wished that you could just magically split a large meeting into smaller groups for brainstorming, or focused discussions? And then pull them back into the main meeting room after a set period of time? Yeah - so many of us have! And I bet you held onto that paid Zoom subscription for that feature, yeah?

Well, Teams now lets you do all of this, with Breakout Rooms. It’s like having your own virtual retreat or team-building space, where ideas can flow freely, and collaboration is a breeze!

2: File Sharing

Say goodbye to the endless email chains and conversations, and having to upload and download content from your Dropbox folders! Teams will let you easily, and instantly, share and collaborate on documents, spreadsheets and presentations in real-time. No more searching for the latest version of that proposal or contract; it’s all in one central space, accessible to the right people, whenever anyone on the team needs it.

3: Recordings

I know just how hectic life can get, and you can’t always be at every single meeting. That’s where recording the meetings in Teams is a life-saver! Your team can have a meeting, and record it in the channel (folder) that it relates to. The recording sits in the channel’s chat page, and you can come back and watch it later, so you haven’t missed anything important (and, you can skip through the boring bits on replay … just saying!).

Plus, recording the meetings and keeping them in the appropriate channels gives everyone access to the full and correct record of events - without needing someone to manually document and distribute the details to everyone for review and approval.

4: Chat

Last but not least, the chat feature of Teams is your virtual watercooler. It’s a great way to share updates, connect with your team or clients, and have informal chats. No need to jump in and out of other programs like Slack to stay connected - it’s all right there, in your integrated workspace! PLUS, if you have client-based teams and channels, you can make a single update to both your own team and the client - no double handling!!

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Are you ready to give Microsoft Teams a spin? I’m here to help!

If you are ready to thrive using Teams, then we need to chat. As a Microsoft 365 specialist, I’m ready to hold your hand and show you exactly how you can make the most of these powerful features. Click HERE to book a time to chat that works for you - let’s make some Microsoft magic!

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