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Master your inbox: 3 reasons to use Out of Office in Microsoft Outlook

Your days are full of client meetings, project deadlines, and juggling your inbox is important - but right down the list!

It’s time for you to reclaim control, and master the art of productivity … using Outlook’s out-of-office feature!

Say goodbye to email overwhelm, and hello to streamlined communication. In this post, I’m sharing three reasons why embracing this feature for your email account will revolutionise the way you do business - one email at a time.

Better Boundaries

Does this sound famili…

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Viewing and Analysing Results in Microsoft Forms

If you have ever used Microsoft Forms to create a survey, quiz, or poll, you may not realise how easy it is to access and understand the responses you receive. In this blog post, I’m explaining how the results from a Microsoft Form are displayed and available, and why you should use them to interrogate your form submissions.

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