DIY Word Templates

For the no-nonsense go-getter wanting to create professional Word documents with ease and efficiency, but unsure where to start ...

Ready to confidently create and send stylish, professional documents in minutes? 

Introducing ... 

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DIY Templates for Microsoft Word

The go-to solution for business owners and administration professionals wanting to master Microsoft Word, and blend efficiency and professionalism in every document that leaves their desk.

Professional AND functional layouts ready-made. Practical, easy-to-follow video tutorials. Expert guidance.

Let's face facts ...
It's not about wanting to create a new document. It's about the wasted time, energy and frustration when it doesn't turn out right ... ringing any bells?

You are pro-active and self-reliant, but your busy schedule needs a circuit-breaker.

Let's streamline this for you!

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No tech talk: Clear, straightforward answers without the jargon.
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See it and do it: Watch, pause, act - over and over via your unlimited access to the video tutorial
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It's all yours: Fully downloadable Word document - ready to customise!

Maybe you've tried:

Endless hours searching for the perfect document templates, only to waste more precious time tweaking and adjusting them to suit your needs ... without any guidance.

Reworking your existing documents over and over again, to try and match a new style, learning new software features, and still not getting a result you're happy with.

It's so frustrating.

And even more so when all that effort doesn't even result in something that resembles you, or your values, so you can't actually tick it off your to-do list as a job well done.

Despite your best efforts:

❌  Your documents lack a cohesive, professional look. 

❌  Essential features or layouts seem out of reach.

❌  You don't feel confident in the final product.

 And the worst part?

❌  You've wasted valuable time that could have been spent on more critical tasks!

But before you give up in frustration, remember ...

You are capable, and it is possible to have the professional, polished documents you deserve - without sacrificing your sanity!


The only difference between where you are now, and making Microsoft Word an automatic part of your workflow, is that you don't have the confidence in your skills to work with the features and elements already inside the program to help you get the job done in half the time, and without the stress!

In 2022, Microsoft 365's share of the productivity software market was 48% (according to Statista).

Are you making the best use of what's available to you?

Let's unpack what your DIY Template purchase includes:

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Microsoft Word document: Downloadable, completely editable, and ready for you to add your branding and standardised text.
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Step by step video tutorial: Watch, pause, take action. I walk you through EVERYTHING you need to know to customise and work with your new DIY template.
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UNLIMITED access to your content: Safely housed in your Thrive Hub, you can access your document and video tutorial as many times as you like!
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Ongoing support: It's not a one-time thing! You also get an open invite to Thrive's monthly 'Q&A' session via Teams, where you can get extra support!

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